Advanced Qualification

Mount Design and Function Advanced Accreditation


Mal has passed the final of three advanced accreditations in Mount Design and Function.  In achieving this qualification Mal becomes the third UK framer to hold all three qualifications.  One of Mal's interests is border design accomplishing a number of border design based on mainly Arabic and Indian geometry.  In addition, he is interested in the traditional English ruled lines, wash and marbled panels introduced in during what is considered as the 'Golden Age of Watercolours' in the style of Paul Sandy(1730-1839), Thomas Girtin(1775-1802) and of course Turner(1775-1851); three artists who are accredited with the classical school of English water-colourists.

Mal continues to work on numerous designs some of which can be developed for a particular customer making their artwork unique.  This can be followed through with a theme for future work.

Ask Mal to describe the various options for corner designs as well as those for mount decoration.