Conservation Mounting of Works on Paper

An Institute of Conservation workshop sponsored by the Claire Hampson Fund.  3 - 5 Sep inclusive.

Mal has managed to secure one of only 18 places on this highly sort after three day workshop led by US Conservator Hugh Phibbs.  Hugh was Coordinator of Preservation Services at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. for more than 30 years, and has taught and published widely on the preservation of works on paper.

This three-day workshop will review historical mounting methods and then address issues such as:

-  the chemical and physical factors affecting paper in enclosures/assemblies and the technical solutions to manage them.
-  the use of adhesives such as natural and synthetic aqueous adhesives as well as acrylic copolymers.
-  papers used for hinging and different methods of applying adhesives, including the use of micro dots.
-  mounting without adhesive, if hinges cannot be used.
-  describing and understanding the performance of buffers, filters, barriers and scavengers.


Visit to Making Colour Exhibition - National Gallery

Mal to visit the Making Colour Exhibition at the National Gallery - 2 September.

Mal on BBC Radio Lincs

Mal invited to speak with BBC Radio Lincs Melvyn Prior about the framing of a WWI Military Cross.