Whats Inside - Fabrics

This presentation was one of the first I did back in 2011at the Spring Fair (NEC)  I was inspired to writing this seminar after attending a presentation to an Embroidery Guild meeting by a textile conservator who highlighted those individual points that a framer should consider when framing embroidery.  Further, over a period time I had become increasingly concerned at the standard of embroidery framing and what framers hid inside the frames - an all too often issue even today and covering artwork on paper as well as embroidery.  Whilst attending an ICON workshop conservators mentioned to me that the majority of their work was as a result of poor framing.

The presentation details four examples of 'Poor Practice' including that of support, inappropriate techniques and materials and glazing.  Finally, there are three 'Case Studies' detailing some items of 'Best Practice'

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