Textile Training

I was introduced to Textile framing very early in my time as a bespoke framer.  Whilst the Guild Commended Framer(GCF) qualification introduced me to the correct embroidery framing methods it was not until I had taken and passed the Guild's Advanced Accreditation in Textile framing that I realised the enormity of the subject including: types of embroidery, the methods of support and the differing ways and techniques used in framing to get the most out of an embroiderer's work.

Much of the techniques and methods published in the Fine Art Trade Guild's publication "framing and presenting textile art" originate from my work and this is acknowledged in the book as follows:  'This book would not have been possible without the support and expertise of Mal Reynolds GCF Adv, Harlequin Frames, a highly skilled textile framer and collector.  Immeasurable thanks are due to Mal."

Mal's course covers the very basics within a day which is sufficient for those taking their GCF and with some preparation and further day for those wishing to take their Advanced Accreditation in Textile Framing.  Courses can be tailored to a candidates requirements and are either on a one or two day basis.

Many of the topics covered are in the following references:

Mals Masterclass - Arqadia.
Ask the Experts - Arqadia.
framing and presenting textile art - Annabelle Ruston - published by the Fine Art Trade Guild..
Seminars, Framing Myths, Read, Reflect and Learn and Textile articles under the heading of "ARTICLES"

A full set of notes is provided to those attending this training.



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