3D/Memorabilia Framing

3D/Memorabilia framing is becoming extremely popular with many customers wanting to frame objects and items of sentimental or special interest. Most of these items have a degree of depth that often requires innovative support methods and invariably involves box framing.  This course introduces and offers advice to both beginners and the more experienced framers to the art of 3D/Memorabilia framing. 

Each object in itself present not only a problem but also more often than not a solution to its method of support and this course suggests and demonstrates a number of methods of supporting objects from the simple to the more difficult.

In addition, there are a number of ways in constructing the necessary depth of box to accommodate the object.  The course discusses the advantages of the different methods and demonstrates how these are achieved.

Finally, the majority of box/memorabilia framing involves the use of slips/spacers to ensure the object is sufficiently spaced away from the glazing;  Mal has always made his own spacers and demonstrates his technique which has proved most successful at all the FATG’s levels of Framing.